Loved One Had An Accident And Now In A Wheelchair? 2 Changes To Make Around Your Home

1 March 2017
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If someone in your home had an accident and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life, you need to make some changes around your home. It will take time for them to get adjusted, and these changes will make things easier for them to do so. Below is some more information about this so you can get started.

Install Automatic Doors

You often see automatic doors in commercial buildings, but you can also install automatic doors for your home. Automatic doors will give your loved one the assistance they need to come out and in the door. This will also help them be more independent.

Optical sensors or motion detectors are used to detect any kind of movement. The sensors or detectors are installed on each side of the door. When your loved one pulls their wheelchair up to the door, they will sense pressure and automatically open the door.

There are also remote controls your loved one can use to open and close the door. The contractor that installs your door for you can place controls on the side of the door that can be used, such as a push button or switch. The controls can be wired or wireless. To make the door secure, coded keypads can be installed and the door can automatically lock when it is closed. You will be able to open the door manually on your own. It may be a little more difficult to open than a standard door, however.

The width of the door is also something to take into consideration before you install automatic doors. To meet standards set by the American's Disability Act (ADA), the doorway must have a width of at least 32 inches. Talk with a company that offers automatic door installation and repair for more options and information.

Space and Floors

It is best to have a floor plan that is as open as it possibly can be. This means removing furniture if you have to, as well as other things, such as end tables and coffee tables. The more room your loved one has to move around, the better for them. Consider how they have to back up and turn around at times. They will need enough width and length to be able to do this properly.

For the floors, it will be hard to move around on carpeting. Consider removing all carpeting and replace it with tiles or wood flooring. Install rubber ramps at all thresholds to make it safer, and if there are any exposed cords on the floor, cover them up.

These are just two things to help you get started, as there are many changes you need to make around your home. It will not take long to determine what these things are as you see your loved one try to do different things in the home.