Five Good Reasons To Add A Screened Porch To Your Home

31 March 2017
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If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you may be frustrated with having to share your space with bugs, wildlife, and your neighbors. One good way to have that outdoor experience without the distractions is to add a screened-in porch to your property. However, adding to your outdoor living space is just one of many benefits of building a screened-in porch.

Benefits of a screened-in porch

1. Privacy. One of the chief advantages to adding a screened-in porch is that it allows you to sit outside and read, relax, or eat your dinner without being in the sight lines of your next-door neighbors. You can even add tinted screens to your porch that allow you to see out without your neighbors being about to see inside.

2. A bug-free outdoor living space. Another benefit of adding a screened-in porch is that you get many of the advantages of outdoor living, such as fresh air and beautiful scenery, without some of the disadvantages, like dining with bugs and the direct heat of the sun. The screens also keep wildlife and birds away from your outdoor space.

3. Improve your property value. Adding a screened-in porch can also help increase the amount of money buyers are willing to pay for your property when it comes time to sell your home. Not only will it increase your home's living space, but it can be an attractive addition for potential buyers who enjoy spending time outdoors. HGTV calls adding an outdoor living area, such as a screened-in porch, one of the top 10 things homeowners can do to increase their property value.

4. Shelter from the storm. A screened-in porch allows you to enjoy being outside even when it's raining or windy.

5. Year-round use. You can also use your screened-in porch longer than you'd be able to use an open-air porch or patio, since the screens and the wall that adjoins your house provide a degree of shelter. In some parts of the country, that means that you can use the porch year-round. Even in areas with harsh winters, the screens extend the amount of the year that you can enjoy the porch.

While a screened-in porch may not be the right choice for every homeowner, this addition offers privacy, provides shelter from inclement weather and wildlife, and can even increase the amount of money you'll get for your home when it comes time to put your house on the market.