The Beauty Of Mahogany: How Your Choices Can Transform Your Doors

3 October 2018
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A solid wood mahogany door sounds like a slice of heaven, does it not? It certainly conjures up images of wealth, grandeur, and castle entrances. Yet, mahogany is quite variable in terms of wood coloration and origination. In fact, you might be quite surprised at how wide a variety of choices mahogany supplies. No matter what kind of mahogany you choose, or where​ it came from, you are guaranteed a beautiful door that lasts a long time. Check out the following options for all the beautiful ways that mahogany can transform your doors.

​Gray Mahogany

Most people do not envision gray when they think mahogany. However, that is exactly the sort of color that mahogany from the Philippines is. It is a sort of flat, dull, medium gray color. If you kind of like that idea, then maybe you should check out some samples of gray mahogany from the Philippines. Some door sellers may also have a few swatch samples for you as well. 

​Orange Mahogany

Rippled orange mahogany hails from the Honduras. It is very warm in appearance, looking almost like a pine or oak stained with a light cherry stain. It is never a pumpkin-y sort of orange, so you do not have to worry about having a door that looks like it was meant for Halloween (unless, of course, that is your thing). A lot of mahogany is imported from the Honduras into the U.S., so you should have no problem finding samples of it in your nearest lumberyard or at a home improvement store.

​Red Mahogany

Red mahogany is what everyone pictures when they think of this type of wood. Its deep, rich, ruddy red tone is what most people are after when they want mahogany for a door or a piece of furniture. The red mahogany is imported from Mexico.

​Brown Mahogany

Brown is another possible color choice for mahogany. Anyone who has never pictured mahogany as red typically pictures it as a brownish sort of color. That is because the mahogany wood native to the United States is brownish in color. It tends to look like a light walnut when left unstained, and can add a much darker tone to other stains when the wood is finished. The brown mahogany is a good choice if you have dogs and kids, because stains from paws and hands cannot be seen on this dark wood.

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