5 Reasons To Choose A Metal Front Door

15 November 2021
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When it's time to replace your front door, consider the benefits of a metal door. This durable and attractive door may be the last one you ever need to purchase.

1. Lighter Weight

Compared to heavy wooden doors, a metal door is extremely lightweight. This makes it much easier to open and close it, especially if your hands are full or if a child must operate the door. Lightweight doors also put less stress on the hinge hardware, which means you are less likely to have issues with broken hinges or sagging doors in the future.

2. Insulation Options

Although metal doors tend to be hollow, this doesn't mean they aren't insulated. The interior cavity of an insulated metal door is filled with a thick closed-cell foam insulation that can provide a very high insulating value to the door. This value may even exceed the natural insulation value of a wooden door, which makes metal a good choice for both hot and cold climates.

3. Increased Security

A metal door is one of the most secure front entrance door options, especially when it is paired with a metal door frame. It can't be pried open easily like a more easily damaged wood or vinyl door. It's also impossible to kick in a panel on a metal door. Attempts at a break-in are unlikely to end without any damage due to the stability and strength of a metal door.

4. Low Maintenance

Maintenance on a wood door can be a pain, especially if your door is situated so that it is exposed to a lot of sun or weathering. It may be a yearly task to strip, sand, and repaint the door. Vinyl doors can also fade or begin to crack from long exposure. On the other hand, metal can withstand heat, cold, wind, and moisture without any issues. At most, you may need to dust off the door every once in awhile to keep it clean and attractive.

5. Design Options

There are a wide range of design options with metal doors. You can find those that mimic the paneled look of wooden doors, down to texturing that resembles wood grain. There are sleek modern doors as well as those with a variety of integrated window designs. Although you can find metal doors in a range of colors, it's also possible to paint them a custom color or to update the color as your design tastes evolve over the years.

Contact a residential door replacement service if you are ready to upgrade to a metal door.