Three Benefits Of Solid Core Doors

15 December 2022
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When you're choosing doors for a commercial building, you'll need to not only think about the exterior doors but also give some thought to the many interior doors throughout the space. Interior doors don't generally need to be as robust as those that provide access to the outside of the building, and you'll have a number of different options when you visit a commercial door supply company. You can expect to see interior doors that have a solid core and others that have a hollow core. While the latter tends to be more affordable, the former offers a long list of benefits that you may find appealing.


A solid core interior door offers a high degree of insulation, which can make it a good option in certain areas of the building. For example, if you're looking for a door to a room that also has an exterior door on a different wall, a solid core design will work well. This room will often be cold during the winter because of people entering and exiting the building. You don't want the cold from the room to easily flow into the rest of your building. Having a solid core door in the wall that divides this room and the next room will help to provide insulation against the cold air.


Solid core doors do a better job of containing sound than doors that are hollow. This is important in many different types of commercial buildings. For example, if you need a door for an office boardroom, having a solid core design will be the right idea. People in the boardroom don't want to be distracted by sounds from outside the room. Similarly, they may not want people who are outside of the boardroom to hear what is being discussed in the boardroom. A solid core door will help to block the exchange of sound.


Solid core doors are significantly heavier than their fellow counterparts, which gives them a high-end feel that is appropriate in many environments. For example, in individual offices that people in management will use, solid core doors will be optimal. A manager may not like the idea of opening and closing a hollow core door because its lightweight nature could feel flimsy. They'd likely be much more in favor of a solid door that weighs more and thus has a higher-end feel. Shop for solid core doors at your local commercial door supplier.